About Us


We're Circle + Hide, a San-Francisco based start-up who's sole mission is in creating a wrist-watch that you can customize based on your taste and lifestyle. We're updating and simplifying the classic watch to provide unlimited versatility thanks to our sweet line of limited edition, US-made interchangeable straps.  

Circle + Hide is committed to helping you spend time well; with a line of attainable Swiss-Made watches that allow you to easily change out the straps to achieve a different look for any time of the day or night, no matter the occasion. 

Founded on the belief that a great watch doesn't have to be crazy expensive, we set out to build a timepiece versatile enough to wear anytime, anywhere, and effortlessly stand up to the challenge. We kind of think we nailed it.

Grounded by our deep Southern Roots (our founders are from ATL GA), Circle + Hide is inspired by all our friends livin’ the dream - of course we think they know how to do some things right out here in California where the sun always shines (not true actually) and the wine never stops pouring (true actually) and the top’s always down (never drink and drive!). We are inspired by the hustlers, the dreamers, the starters, the local enthusiasts, the entreprenuers, the hipsters, the innovators, the travellers, the party animals, the makers, the food (how’d that slip in there?), the artists, the fearless, the bold, the kind, the creatives, the geniuses, the weird, the fun, the crazy and the cool...and we’re just trying to roll it all up in one neat and today little package that goes tic.  


Circle + Hide is proud to dedicate a portion of the proceeds from our sales directly to charitable organizations. First up, one of our very favorites, a cause very close to our hearts…Canine Assistants, a nonprofit 5013c, dedicated to the education and placement of service dogs for children and adults who have physical disabilities or other special needs.  You can help change someone’s world as easily as you change your watch bands. Spend time well…give hope effortlessly. And check them out here and here. 


The bottom line(s):

  • We are a small team of fun-loving people who have become passionate about watches. And straps.
  • We make and sell watches + straps so that you don't have to have the same old boring watch that everyone else has, day in and day out. You can change up your strap on a whim, on a trend, or on the way to the gym. Yep, we just said that. 
  • We give back. A portion of each and every sale goes directly to helping those in need spend time well: by supporting Canine Assistants, a non-profit dedicated to the education, 
  • We are located in SF
  • We were founded in 2014, two years after the conception of the idea and after a year of development
  • We launched our online shop in Feb 2015
  • Our team currently consists of Adair Arnold, Anthony Villegas, and Crawford Arnold.
  • Contact us as adair@circleandhide.com, or 678-640-1667
  • Social links (Twitter, Facebook)

We didn't have to go for fancy-pants "Swiss-Made" certifications, but we did because we care about quality. If you are only going to have one watch, it's gotta be a good one, right? 

We believe a watch doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg (did you know the average cost to make a Swiss Made watch is $739? That translates to A LOT of dollars at retail…), so we learned from scratch how to design, design, develop, market, and fulfill in house so that we don't have to mark up to pay the middle men. We pass the savings directly on to you!


We want to give you what you want. Have an idea for a strap? A special color or material you’d like to see? Drop us a line.

Tag yourself and @circleandhide on social to be featured in our #spendtimewell gallery!

With a passion for time well spent, we like to help you make the most of your day. So go ahead, grab your favorite Circle + Hide ticker and spend time well...



I've been a model since the age of 15, traveling the world on my own and "making it work". I left Centre College where I was on a volleyball scholarship as a starting middle blocker to try my luck in NYC as a model with IMG Models following a chance appearance on COSMOPOLITAN Magazine. I've been fortunate enough to work with some amazing brands and extremely talented 'professional creatives' who probably never knew how much they were teaching me on set about design, quality, fit, feel, function, packaging and pricing...not to mention the tremendous infusions of creativity and artistry that make each day in the life more interesting, challenging, and unpredictable as those before.